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Essence Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base and Blush Review

I’ve always liked Essence Cosmetics. They are a makeup brand from Germany and you get quality makeup at an affordable price. In Canada you can purchase them at Shoppers Drug Mart and all items are under five dollars. In the US you find them at ULTA and online.

Now onto the reviews!

Eyeshadow Base:
I’ve been searching for an eyeshadow primer for a while now and I could never bring myself to buy the sought after Urban Decay Primer Potion because I think it’s too expensive ($20 for 10ml!). Anyway, I stumbled upon Essence’s “I Love Stage” eyeshadow base and thought to give it a try since it was only $3.49 so I had nothing to lose. As soon as I got home I decided to try it out because I was so excited to use it. I applied it to my eyelids then put on Clinique eyeshadow. This product is amazing! It makes your eyeshadow last for hours. So far I’ve only tested it for 5 hours and it really holds up. I highly recommend it.

Silky Touch Blush in the shade Babydoll :
Now I was never really a blush person because I always thought blush was for old people and I never knew how to apply it. Turns out, I was wrong. Blush can actually make you look more youthful and it does wonders for your face because it gives you (at least, the appearance of) prominent cheekbones. If you don’t know how to properly apply blush, like myself, it helps to watch tutorials on YouTube. This blush by Essence is the perfect shade for my olive skin tone. I apply it lightly and it gives a nice natural looking glow. Be careful not to overapply as this blush is quite pigmented. Overall, it’s a great blush and it’s only $2.99 so I’ll likely repurchase it again.

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